Piko believes in the Beauty of Simplicity

As our lives become more complicated and overloaded with information and technology, we believe our devices need to evolve inversely and become less complicated and more easily accessible.

Similarly, in a world where technology has become so abundant, diverse, and so quickly obsolete, we believe there has to be a better, more elegant solutions.


Piko at it's core is an innovation hub. 

We are constantly making turns on tech, R&D, market research, and listening to people's complaints and pain points; we hear you and we are here to help. Our goal is to make people's lives easier through innovation. 

Our Story...

...begins near the heart of Silicon Valley and is the brain-child of a small group of entrepreneurs; including a PhD software engineer and serial entrepreneur, a former aerospace engineer and inventor, and a finance expert who's also a serial entrepreneur. All too familiar, we admit.

But, what separates Piko from the pack is that our founders are truly focused on helping people. We want this to be as much a company for the people as it is driven by people's wants and needs, so come talk to us, make suggestions, and let's evolve tech together!

Our founders built Piko to be that solution.

The Piko Name

Our name Piko is based off the scientific prefix “pico,” or 10-12. It’s that level of precision (sorry, “nano”) that drives all of our future-tech designs. We are on a relentless pursuit of perfection to improve all things practical in our day-to-day. We want to better lives through the inter-connectivity of high-tech wireless devices that grow with you as the tech world advances around you.

So what can Piko Precision™ do for you? Come join the Piko community and follow us on this journey of discovery.

Piko: The next BIG (okay, little) name in consumer tech.

Commitment to Quality

We carry our commitment to quality through everything we do, from inception and design, to the materials and state of the art processes we choose for production and manufacturing, and finally our rigorous quality inspections.  It's easy to make money on a cheap product, but we're not here to do what is easy. We are much more interested in making a quality product that will get use and serve its function for years, than see it end up in a junk drawer or land fill.

As an example, our PenPoints are manufactured in one of the best factories in Taiwan using the highest quality materials and processes, then shipped to our office in the U.S. (Pleasant Hill, CA), where every device is individually and meticulously hand-inspected and tested prior to approval and packaging ready for our customers.


This commitment to quality is coupled with our 1-year warranty. If there are ever any issues, please reach out to us and we'll do our best to help. If it's an issue with one of our devices, we'll have you send it to us at our cost, where we can determine the best course of action. We will either repair, or replace it up to a year.